What Are the Shipping Restrictions for Heavy Haul Transport

What Are the Shipping Restrictions for Heavy Haul Transport




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What Are the Shipping Restrictions for Heavy Haul Transport?

William Thomas

Senior Logistics Manager

Shipping oversize loads such as construction and military equipment might present lots of logistics challenges. It is even worse when you are not trained and experienced in such tasks. Shipping heavy equipment requires expert handling, specialized equipment, optimized and special permits. Besides, they cannot be shipped on all routes, given their massive sizes and weird shapes. That said, shipping heavy loads from one point to another comes with numerous regulations and restrictions, including.

Knowing the restrictions for Heavy Haul transport can save you time and money. It also keeps the team and your heavy freight safe.

Permits Requirements For Hauling Oversize Load

Heavy load transport require suitable documentation and special permits for a safe and smooth shipping process. The permits are mostly dispensed on a per-shipment basis, while different states, regions, and countries have different requirements for heavy haul transport. Ideally, most state permits provide information on the allowable time the load can travel, which mostly ranges between 3 to 5 hours. For instance, if you are shipping your equipment across Minnesota, you will require a “single trip” permit valid for seven days. If you are shipping during winter, shipping the same load may be limited to a specific period and might even require extra permits. Before dispatching your load for shipping, discuss the guidelines, regulations, and restrictions of the state your cargo will travel across with your shipping company. This will help you ensure that you have all the necessary permits required for the shipping process.

Choosing The Right Shipping Trailer

Choosing the right shipping trailer for your load is crucial. The right trailer should not only have the capacity to accommodate your cargo but also align with the rigorous and diverse government regulations. Choosing the right trailer requires you to determine your load dimensions and assess its shipping needs. Matching your load with the correct shipping equipment guarantees safety and prevents unprecedented road occurrences. If you are unsure of the right trailer to haul your load, having an experienced heavy hauling partner will go a long way. They will help you choose the right options based on your cargo needs and dimensions.

Companies such as Heavy Haulers have invested in state-of-the-art trailers, which are regularly serviced and maintained. Whether you need flatbed, step-deck, or lowboy trailers, these experts have you covered. They will also help with the loading, securing, and offloading delivery as you focus on your everyday schedule.

Additional Material Required for Heavy Haul Transport

• Any trailer shipping heavy equipment is required to have a special signage marking and other shipping accommodations, including:

• Safety Flags-Red, orange or fluorescent flags are mostly placed on the far end corners of the vehicles to signify an approaching oversize load.

• Oversize Load Banners-Yellow, triangle-shaped oversize banners are strategically placed at the front or back of the shipping equipment. In most cases, these signs are reversible with “oversize loads” on one side and “wide loads” on the other.

• Pilot Cars: Sometimes, you might require pilot cars or escort vehicles when shipping heavy loads in some states. Some loads might also require more than one pilot car and even police escort during transport.

Heavy Haulers Final Thoughts

Knowing the restrictions for Heavy Haul transport can save you time and money. It also keeps the team and your heavy freight safe. The best way to know the restrictions for your oversize load is to work with an established heavy haul company. Expert logistics agent will walk you through the process for the best and safest transport available.

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