This is Fine: Watch U.S. Fleet Forces Commander Warn Non-Citizens Are Trying to Infiltrate Military Bases

This is Fine: Watch U.S. Fleet Forces Commander Warn Non-Citizens Are Trying to Infiltrate Military Bases

Gee, we’re sure glad the Biden administration is playing politics with border security instead of actually securing the border and enforcing immigration laws. Most are young, healthy men who are NOT from Mexico.

It’s not immigration, it’s an invasion. And the Biden administration doesn’t care.

These ‘non-citizens’ are now trying to gain access to our military basis, several times per week.

U.S. Fleet Forces Command Commander Admiral: Non-citizens are attempting to INFILTRATE our military bases

The Navy is seeing this 2-3x PER WEEK

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) May 26, 2024What could possibly go wrong?

Two Jordanians tried to get into Quantico. Illegal immigrants from Chechnya were caught outside a special forces officer’s home with a camera and a telephoto lens; one of them was shot. White House Press Secretary KJP had no comment on that one.

Our country is under attack from land, air and sea and Bumbling Joe Biden is eating ice cream.

— The Flag Guy (@TheFlagGuy_) May 26, 2024Chocolate chip is his favorite.

Seems like a lot.

— @amuse (@amuse) May 26, 2024It is a lot.

No other country would tolerate this.

Not surprised at all. Who knows how many foreign agents and terrorists have crossed our open borders.

— Mark Walls (@wcmarkwalls) May 26, 2024Far too many.

And this will end badly.

The enemy is here.

— Gunther Eagleman™ (@GuntherEagleman) May 26, 2024

Yes they are.

Illegals are trying to infiltrate every part of society. Including the military.

Biden has welcomed these foreign criminals with open arms and rewarded them for breaking into the US.

So it’s no surprise they think they should be able to infiltrate the military too.


— Paul A. Szypula 🇺🇸 (@Bubblebathgirl) May 26, 2024Very terrifying.

This is the group of ‘gate crashers’ we should be worried about . . .

— Lucky Burglar 🇺🇸 🏴‍☠️ (@lucky_burglar) May 26, 2024We agree.

test runs until the big event….America has been invaded and sold out

— Daniela Collins (@romans11732) May 26, 2024We hope not, but we wouldn’t be surprised.

By non-citizens he means the entire CCP and Iranian army of 30,000 + fighting aged male sleeper cells biden just allowed to walk right in.


— UnipartyBomber (@magajcs) May 26, 2024It’s going to be disastrous.

Illegals are trying to infiltrate OUR ONLY DEFENCE. Does that finally get your attention?

— Fed Up Yet? I’m Past That (@citrusnewsMO) May 26, 2024And if it doesn’t, it should.

This as both the Biden Administration FBI Director and Secretary of Homeland Security tells us it’s a matter of when, not if.

— Rob O’Donnell (@odonnell_r) May 26, 2024

It sure seems like a matter of when, not if, but the Biden administration doesn’t seem to care.

Thanks Joe Biden. Everyone knows the only way to fix this is to vote out every single democrat from public office. Starting with the 2024 Election!

— David Boik (@dboik0104) May 26, 2024Exactly: vote them all out.

How many have been actually brought into the country by Obiden/Mayorkas programs? Our government is picking up foreign nationals and bringing them here, some are harming Americans. Another republic destroying goal?

— Donna Davis (@DonnaDavisHNL) May 26, 2024Yes. Destroying the republic is their goal.

2-3 times per week

— Thomas J McNally 🇺🇸 (@stillold4dis) May 26, 2024That’s a lot, and one of these times they might just succeed.  » …
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