Jane Mayer on Justice Clarence Thomas

Jane Mayer on Justice Clarence Thomas

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The cascade of revelations about Justice Clarence Thomas—the island-hopping yachting adventures underwritten by a right-wing billionaire patron, the undisclosed real-estate transactions—is raising questions about lax ethics on the Supreme Court. Judges are “supposed to be independent,” the staff writer Jane Mayer tells David Remnick, “and I think it stretches common sense to think that a judge could be independent when he takes that much money from one person.” Then David Remnick talks with Representative Barbara Lee, and with the senators Tim Kaine and Todd Young, about a bipartisan effort to scale back the President’s authority to use military force, granted during the war on terror. The music critic Hanif Abdurraqib talks about his love of concert tees; and Remnick remembers one of The New Yorker’s beloved cartoonists, Edward Koren.

Jane Mayer on Justice Clarence ThomasThe staff writer discusses the latest financial disclosure scandal involving the judge, and how lax ethical standards on the Supreme Court contribute to a decline in public trust.

The Bipartisan Effort to Rein in Presidential Military PowerThree days after 9/11, Congress passed a joint resolution vastly expanding Presidential discretion to wage attacks abroad. Lawmakers in both parties are looking to wind that power back.

Hanif Abdurraqib on the Pleasure of the Concert TeeLike most true music lovers, the critic also loves merch, and has a collection of cherished concert T-shirts. He shows off a few to David Remnick.

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