How to find the Military Courier’s key in Dead Island 2

How to find the Military Courier’s key in Dead Island 2

The Halperin Hotel is the second main level that you will get to explore in Dead Island 2. While the area is interesting in and of itself, many players might be spending more time here than they would like. This is primarily due to the almost overwhelming amount of locked chests, crates, doors, and other objects that are around the hotel.

It seems like players need two dozen keys to unlock everything they come across. This includes the Military Courier’s key, which has been trumping many players in Dead Island 2 early on.

The Military Courier’s key goes to the Military Courier’s Case, which is found in the main lobby of the Halperin Hotel. However, no matter how much searching players seem to do around this area and the hotel itself, there is no Military Courier’s key anywhere.

If you are finally ready to open the Military Courier’s Case in Dead Island 2, then keep reading below for the full details on how to find its key.

Like many other keys in Dead Island 2, this particular key drops from a specifically named zombie. This zombie is fittingly named the Military Courier, and they are dressed in camouflage army fatigues. The Military Courier appears in the main lobby of the Halperin Hotel, but only after you have completed the main quest in the area and have left to progress the story.

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It’s hard to say exactly when you should come back to find the Military Courier, but I was able to get them to spawn at level 9. Your experience may differ, but just remember to keep coming back every so often to see if the zombie has spawned. If they have, then simply eliminate them, and pick up the Military Courier’s key they drop on the ground.

Use that key on the Military Courier’s Case in the lobby of the hotel, and you will receive the rare Relentless Military Axe.  » …
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