Ukrainian M2A2 Bradley Takes Out Russian T-80 Tank in Video

Ukrainian M2A2 Bradley Takes Out Russian T-80 Tank in Video

Ukraine’s military shared a video on Wednesday of a U.S. Bradley Fighting Vehicle destroying a Russian T-80 tank on the battlefield in Ukraine.

The combat footage was shared by Ukraine’s 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade, which is fighting on the front lines in the eastern Donetsk region, where fierce clashes are ongoing. The Russian tank was destroyed with a heavy anti-tank guided missile, the brigade said.

💥БМП Bradley проти російського танку Т-80!💪Бійці 47 ОМБр знищили ворожу техніку за допомогою протитанкової ракети TOW.⚔️ 47 окрема механізована…

“Bradley infantry fighting vehicle against the Russian T-80 tank!” the brigade added on its Telegram channel. “Fighters of the 47th separate mechanized brigade destroyed enemy equipment using a [BGM-71] TOW anti-tank missile. Credit to the Discovery crew of the 2nd Mechanized Battalion.

The brigade added: “We continue to work!” Newsweek couldn’t independently verify when or where the footage was filmed, and has contacted Russia’s Defense Ministry for comment by email.

The U.S.-supplied Bradley Fighting Vehicles are equipped with a powerful 25 mm cannon, which fires explosive and armor-piercing rounds. It is described by manufacturer BAE Systems as having “outstanding survivability, mobility and lethality,” and it can carry up to 10 personnel.

Washington has so far provided Kyiv with a total of 186 Bradleys to support its military in the ongoing war against Russia, which was launched by President Vladimir Putin in February 2022.

The clip published by Ukraine’s 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade shows a nighttime battle ensue, followed by closeup aerial footage of the charred remains of a Russian T-80 tank.

A Ukrainian serviceman of the 47th Mechanized Brigade prepares for combat in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, not far away from Avdiivka, Donetsk region on February 11, 2024. Ukraine’s military shared a video on Thursday of…

Both Moscow and Kyiv have sustained significant tank losses in the war so far.

Dutch open-source intelligence defense analysis website Oryx has visually confirmed that 2,001 Russian tanks have been destroyed, 156 have been damaged, 329 have been abandoned, and 514 have been captured since the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine.

Oryx has also visually confirmed that 547 Ukrainian tanks have been destroyed since the beginning of the war, with 68 damaged, 61 abandoned, and 132 captured.

On Thursday, Kyiv’s military said Moscow had lost 7,429 tanks since Russia launched its full-scale invasion, including 11 in the past 24 hours. The General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces posts figures on Russia’s troop and equipment losses as part of its daily update on the war. Newsweek couldn’t independently verify Kyiv’s figures.

Estimates of casualty numbers vary, with Ukraine’s figures usually exceeding those of its Western allies. Moscow rarely shares information on the number of casualties or equipment losses it has sustained in the war.

Russian forces have been making steady gains in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region as Kyiv’s military suffers a shortage of ammunition. Oleksandr Syrsky, Ukraine’s commander-in-chief, said on Telegram late last month that “the situation at the front has worsened,” and that Russian forces are “actively attacking along the entire front line and in some directions” with tactical success.

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