UK military to allow trans-identified male service members into female-only accommodations

UK military to allow trans-identified male service members into female-only accommodations

United Kingdom Armed Forces are now allowing trans-identified biological male service members to live in female-only accommodations.

This has raised safety concerns and active females in the military say they are uncomfortable with the policy decision, per the Telegraph.

The policy written in JSB 889 states that “as soon as the transition process begins the person should be provided with accommodation that is appropriate to their affirmed gender.”

“From the date of transition, the person should also have use of the toilet and changing room facilities appropriate to their affirmed gender. Under no circumstances should a transgender person be expected, after transitioning, to use the facilities of their assigned gender,” it continues.

MP Sarah Atherton, who conducted a 2021 report about sexual assault in the military, expressed outrage over the policy and said: “They haven’t thought this through properly.”

“Having done extensive work around women in the Armed Forces, I am fully aware of the extent of sexual abuse that has gone on and continues to go on. Women need to have secure accommodation where they feel safe,” she added.

The MP explained that “women need safe spaces because of poor sexual behaviour and misuse of power in the military.”

One woman serving with the Royal Air Force (RAF) told the Telegraph that the policy is “predatory.”

“This policy is unclear and allows predatory men to misuse the policy to continue this abhorrent behaviour,” she said.

“Military bases at home are compromised if female spaces are not managed appropriately,” she added.

Any Armed Forces member who feels “uncomfortable” sharing accommodations with another member of the armed forces “is able to raise their concerns,” which will then be taken into consideration by the chain of command.

However, one service member told the outlet that she had already voiced concerns about a transgender member of the forces joining her squadron to her chain of command, only to have those concerns disregarded.

“You can tell who are predators,” so it’s not a problem, her manager assured her.  » …
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