Pentagon Positioning Forces Near Sudan

Pentagon Positioning Forces Near Sudan

Ramstein Air Base, Germany — 

The Pentagon is positioning military forces near Sudan to help evacuate U.S. Embassy personnel in Khartoum, if needed, amid the explosion of violence between the African country’s two warring factions.

U.S. Africa Command is monitoring the situation in Sudan and conducting “prudent planning for various contingencies,” according to a statement from the Department of Defense.

“As a matter of policy and security, we do not speculate on potential future operations,” it added.

At least 330 people have been killed and about 3,200 others injured since fighting broke out April 15 between government and armed opposition forces in Sudan, according to the World Health Organization.

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Washington has called for the two groups to “renounce violence and return to negotiations,” adding that the country’s two top generals “are responsible for ensuring the protection of civilians and noncombatants.”

The fighting between the army and RSF broke out Saturday after months of rising tension over the country’s political future and plans to integrate the RSF into the national army.

The World Health Organization reports the fighting has restricted movement in the capital, creating challenges for doctors and other health care workers.  » …
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