KJP reiterates that 'hate has no place in this country and neither do military-style assault rifles'

KJP reiterates that ‘hate has no place in this country and neither do military-style assault rifles’

If you didn’t catch White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre coming unglued over questions about COVID’s origins at today’s White House press briefing, be sure and take a look at that, because it’s really something.

And then, feel free to give her props for regaining her composure by the time the subject of conversation turned to the deadly shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs. She was totally back on her game, and not a moment too soon:

KJP: “This attack also comes amidst a rise in violent rhetoric and threats against the LGBTQI+ people across the country. While we don’t know yet for certain the motive of this attack, hate has no place in this country and neither do military style assault rifles.” pic.twitter.com/YSybevMg7t

— Townhall.com (@townhallcom) November 22, 2022

To be fair, it’s not like this White House has ever needed a motive before concluding that it’s acceptable and good to blame Republicans and conservatives for a shooting.

If hate has no place in this country, then why do this White House, led by this president, and these Democrats constantly stoke the flames of hate against Republicans? Just in the few days since the shooting, we’ve seen all kinds of shameful, disgusting smears from left-wingers and mainstream media reporters against “anti-LGBTQ” conservatives, who as far as we can tell are only guilty of sounding the alarm about the sexualization and mutilation of children, but Karine saves her condemnation for conservatives instead of for the people pre-emptively justifying anti-conservative violence.

And as for this business about “military-style assault rifles,” Karine needs to check herself.

KJP: “Weapons of war do not belong on our streets, in our churches, in our movie theaters, in our malls, in our groceries, in our schools, or in our in night clubs.” pic.twitter.com/aA1EZjsRfg

— Townhall.com (@townhallcom) November 22, 2022

“Weapons of war.” Again with that BS.

Also, in case Karine missed it (or chose to deliberately ignore it), the shooting suspect should not have had legal access to a firearm in the first place.

More from Townhall’s Guy Benson:

In a frustratingly high number of mass shootings, the assailants turn out to have been known to authorities, having previously exhibited obvious warning signs of mental disturbance and violent tendencies.  Colorado has a ‘red flag law’ on the books, it’s worth noting.  And it appears as though the red flags flapping around this suspect should have been readily apparent not only to people in his immediate circle, but to local officials, too.  Within hours of the attack, people started sending me 2021 local news stories about a man whose full name (which I won’t publish here) and age match the mass shooting suspect.  The initial takeaway was that the person who murdered five people at Club Q this weekend was also involved in a frightening standoff with police just last year:

A man of the same name & age as the alleged CO mass shooter was arrested in 2021, following a bomb threat & standoff w/ authorities. He had explosives & a cache of firearms. He was charged with multiple serious felonies. Why was he walking free, let alone with a gun, in 2022? https://t.co/dqoSlR4xMT

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) November 20, 2022

El Paso County is a conservative jurisdiction in a Democrat-run state.  I’m not sure where the buck should stop, and I don’t particularly care.  This isn’t about scoring points against Republicans or Democrats; it’s about finding out how on earth someone could terrorize a neighborhood with a bomb scare, get charged with multiple serious felonies — then be walking free, in possession of a powerful weapon, just months later.  The ‘no comments’ from the local DA and sheriff’s offices aren’t going to cut it.  Was this person not prosecuted for the bomb threat ordeal?  Did no one decide it might be a good idea to trigger the red flag law against him?  We don’t know the back story, and this could be more complicated than it looks.  But it looks very bad, and five innocent people are dead.  Relatedly, it’s reasonable for gun control opponents to ask why anyone should be asked to stampede toward yet more laws when existing ones don’t work or aren’t enforced.  It’s always a good idea to wait for more information to arrive on such things, but these questions are basic and important.  And more information must arrive.  Side-stepping relevant inquires about this suspect’s criminal history is unacceptable.

Karine Jean-Pierre is either ignorant or lying. Probably both.


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